The Hidden benefits your electrical contractor provides

21 Jun The Hidden benefits your electrical contractor provides

We work with a whole range of companies, big and small, owned and managed, single building and large campus, office and specialized, commercial and governmental. We’re happy with everyone we work with. Among them there’s a whole range of maintenance styles from Do It Right, Right Away… to the Preventive; Scheduled, Routine and On Demand companies; and over to the Don’t Fix It Even If It Could Be Improved, Brought Up to Code Or Made Safer Unless It’s Broke maintenance style. We can and do satisfy them all. But not all of them get the full benefits we can provide just for doing business with us.

It’s not a cost issue, it’s a relationship issue. What benefits are you missing?

First, every client gets our best work, the benefit of our training and our knowledge of best practices. Long time clients also get the benefit of our experience working together. Not just our considerable experience in electrical contracting but the more specific experience working together. Not only do we understand what your style is, we understand your systems, perhaps even better than your own staff. It isn’t just a warm fuzzy, our knowledge can save you time on the design of a project and help you with solutions that support your longer term plans. Knowing your system enables us find the problem faster and provide a solution specific to your plans. Our range of experience and services also gives us a good base to understand a system and how it relates to the other systems in your facility.   And yes, knowing your system can possibly eliminate errors a first timer might step into. Nothing against first timers, we’re one often, but unless they’re trained to read a system before working on a system, mistakes can happen.

Clients benefit from everything we do.

Our clients benefit from all the services we provide, even if they never use them. Now we can and want to provide our whole list of services to each client, but sometimes there are reasons beyond our control. When we have installed and serviced multiple systems we have a bigger picture of your facility than a single shot vendor. We also know how they work together and where the tricky spots are. Because we’re involved with so many systems on a daily basis we know the differences in servicing each one. So when we’re working one system and see an issue with another we have the right skills, analytical tools and knowledge to fix it right. We hope as we work together you’ll see our expertise with systems like cabling or lighting and want us to take on more like wireless, security services or alternative energy sources.

The CESG Team has benefits for you.

A benefit no one else can provide is access to the CESG team. I’ve told you before how proud I am of our team and how we take the time and expense to train them on the latest technologies and encourage them to reach new certifications. We do it all for our clients. A better team spends less time on your site, has your systems down for shorter times, gets new systems on line faster, solves issues faster and sees potential issues when others don’t.   When this better team works at a long term client facility the efficiency is even greater. That’s why you see familiar faces when the CESG team arrives. Think of the time it saves you not having to show them where the system access points are.

The benefit of commitment.

The systems, like the ones we help you design, install and maintain touch each person who enters and works in the facility. Any shortcomings, delay or repeated issue becomes very visible. Yes, most qualified vendors can fix the issues given time and enough tries, but a committed partner like CESG feels the pain of your outages, downtime and warranty calls and gives that championship extra effort to excel faster and better.

I believe our clients will back me up on this. And I’m looking forward to establishing a long term partnership and proving this to new clients on their own systems. You deserve get all the benefits you let us provide.

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