Electrical Special Projects

Optimization & Efficiency Services

Site optimization—updating equipment, devices and lighting for maximum efficiency—affords immediate and long-term savings with brief payback periods. In addition to energy savings, hassle-free and long-lasting lighting will reduce maintenance and service calls.

Expansion & Remodel Services

Expansion and remodel services require a collective effort from the start. Specialized services provide custom solutions in a broad range of industries—from buildouts of semi-conductor and critical environments to tenant finishes and corporate refreshes. Collaboration and coordination on your project will minimize disruption while fast-tracking your project by overlapping design and construction.

Reliability, Improvement & Analysis Services

Power studies and power metering work to identify uneven loads or bad power caused by high harmonics like those that result from equipment purposely engineered to soft start. Power companies affected by these spikes will often increase customer electric rates.

Control Systems, Equipment & Lighting Upgrade Services

Upgrading equipment due to aging, demand, efficiency or aesthetics provide opportunities for energy-efficient replacements that offer immediate and long-term savings with brief payback periods. Lighting controls currently in the market improve employee comfort and productivity. They also enhance energy-efficient lighting and reduce lighting maintenance and replacement by reducing run-time.

Utility Usage Analysis & Coordination

Scheduled monitoring of your power distribution equipment, such as circuit breakers and energy usage by zones, will reveal opportunities for improvement. Findings are documented and when abnormal conditions are detected, a recommended course of action is presented. Power factor correction and load balancing will protect computers and electronic equipment from unbalanced loads caused by commercial lighting and heating and air conditioning.

Solar, Wind & Energy Solutions

Occupied facilities have and will always require a wide range of electrical services—repair, maintenance, modification and/or optimization. Today, more advanced optimization solutions that enhance existing energy efficiency are in demand. Find the solution that’s right for your facility. Technology services with full-design capacity and manufacturer certifications will ensure the successful implementation of your facility specific solution.