Pre-construction Services

Project Design & Budgeting

Effective budget management starts with a solid understanding of your project’s requirements and goals. Experience in the region you are building will improve the accuracy of your project’s design and estimate. However, only with an open exchange between your project’s stakeholders can issues be identified and addressed to stay within budget and see your project through to success.

Design Assist & Peer Review Services

Design Assists (DA) fast-track projects by bringing in subcontractor to develop the design, documents and drawings from the get-go. Collaboration early on uncovers constructability issues, mitigates costly RFIs and change orders, and reveals value-engineering opportunities. Peer review services offer a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate DA deliverables to ensure they meet best practices and national and local codes.

BIM Integration & 3D Modeling

3D modeling speeds up the design process by enabling designers to mock up ideas (with ready-made assets) and deflect costly design issues that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Building Information Modeling (BIM) services aid to visualize and design projects top to bottom. BIM will identify costly clashes by detecting components that occupy the same space before breaking ground it also facilitates MEP coordination throughout construction.

Project Cost & Estimating

Cost estimates are critical when determining your project’s scope, feasibility and budget allocation. Comprehensive evaluations that are detailed and accurate, yet straightforward and easy to understand, will provide the clarity that you need to confidently make these important decisions about your project.

Constructibility Feasibility & Value Engineering Studies

Feasibility and constructability studies assess project buildability within proposed parameters. They provide a close look at your project to ensure its viability while identifying how best to achieve your objectives. Value engineering will maximize your savings during construction and/or throughout your facility’s life-cycle by finding alternative equipment, material and installation methods that meet or exceed your design specifications.

Preconstruction Procurement Services

Successful procurement planning is dependent on relationships, collaboration and coordination throughout your project, both internally (estimating, scheduling and operations for example) and externally (materials handling…), distributor services and site limitations and opportunities. These are just a few aspects that must be considered to determine your project’s overall cost and savings.