Electrical Construction Services

Pre-Fabrication, Kitting, Staging & Efficiency Strategies

Pre-fab, kitting and staging opportunities identified in the planning phase of your project improve efficiency and make for a smoother running project. Computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) assist with drawing and installation coordination with contractors at the site. Kitting and staging materials ensure that materials are ready to use, thus improving assembly and installation efficiency.


BIM specifications plot out wire basket measurements


Pre Fab Department constructs wire baskets to match specifications


Field Force installed wire baskets based on BIM drawings

Project Procurement & Tracking Management

Procurement planning requires working closely with all relevant parties and monitoring your project’s progress, scheduling, sequence and logistics through to completion. General contractor coordination for lift needs, material storage and staging considerations, and planning procurement for long-lead time orders and deliveries, seizing prefabrication opportunities and adapting to inevitable changes throughout your project, are imperative for a successful project.

Safety Analysis & Planning

OSHA mandates safety analysis and planning before the start of each project and when assigning workers new to a project site. Adoption and application of a recognized and proven safety program such as the Behavior Based Safety (BBS) and added measures like jobsite pre-task planning will improve the likelihood of an injury-free project.

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Project Management, Scheduling & Supervision

CESG provides construction services with a focus on safety, teamwork, planning, communication and efficient execution. Our cost-effective approach in project management, scheduling and supervision is drawn from our collective and comprehensive experience in all market sectors.

Working Employees 6E
TCCD Meeting
Project Management iPad
Arc Flash cropped
Infered Testing

Arc Flash System Coordination & Power Quality Services

Arc Flash assessments evaluate electrical equipment to ensure it is installed according to NEC and manufacturer specifications. Changes by your power company, new or additional equipment, and even shared space affect safeguards put in place to protect your employees and valuable equipment. Power quality studies identify uneven loads or bad power due to equipment.

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Integrated Project Delivery Methods & Applications

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a collaboration of all project participants committed to a unified goal—overall project success. This method harnesses experience and expertise early in the planning phase—when project goals are defined, agreed upon and respected. It calls for increased planning upfront, open communication, current technologies, leadership and organization commitment.

Pictures from one of our project’s Topping Out Party.

Let’s get your project started today.

Let’s get your project started today.