Replacing Old Electrical Panels

replacing old electrical panels

09 Sep Replacing Old Electrical Panels

Do not do it yourself

There are many reasons that a homeowner may be required to replace an existing electrical panel. The house may have had some recent construction work done and a newer, larger panel may need to be employed that will provide the adequate electric capacity or distribution ability. Alternatively, many aging panels need to be removed for safety reasons. Older, type fuses are now replaced with circuit breakers that are considerably safer. Only trained technicians with a valid State of Texas issued electrical license should attempt such a task.

Time has proven that some of the older circuit breaker panels manufactured in the 1970’a era are prone to failure when an overload situation arises causing overheating of the electrical wire (conductor) which could result in a fire situation. It has been established that the recommend correction method is to remove and replace this type of identified circuit breaker panel and associated circuit breakers.

Replacing an existing electrical circuit breaker panel is a major endeavor but the added reality of a safely installed reliable functioning electrical system is a piece of mind when it come to your home or business.

This job can take anywhere between a few hours to a few days depending on situation variables and scope of work involved. Preventative maintenance services such as those provided by McBride Electric will be happy to provide an estimate in regards to labor costs and the hours that this task may require.


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