Benefits of Kitting

21 Oct Benefits of Kitting

With any project ensuring that everything is on time and in budget is key to a successful project. Schedules and timelines always need to be met. When it comes to any type of construction project, the logistics associated with material handling before and during installation can be a very unorganized, unsafe and chaotic process. A particular strategy that can aid in executing an efficient and safe project is a process called Kitting.

Kitting is the process in which individually separate, but related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit before delivering them to the particular place for installation thus assembling a complete “kit” of parts required for the installation. Kitting is usually done remote from the job site so the debris and packaging waste is not a factor in logistics at the site. The kitting process streamlines the supply chain and procurement of materials beyond the processes involved in prefabrication and helps to reduce overall man-hours traditionally needed without kitting.

CESG is able to bulk order items for any type of project and apply kitting strategies. Then when the kits are shipped to the job site for installation, everything is packaged and grouped together for different areas of the building. This helps have a faster mobilization and a more efficient installation.

Kitting is a great strategy and can be used on all sizes and types of projects. Whether the project is new construction, renovation, or even a large service call that requires a multitude of upgrading / change outs.

To be able to truly utilize kitting is determined on a per projects basis, but when kitting is a functional and integral part of the supply chain process, there are a variety of benefits including cost and time savings and safety.


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