USE: Electrical Service & Maintenance

Our qualified, professional, and capable electrician are experienced in every type of industrial and commercial project.  We are licensed, bonded and skilled electricians that provide quality workmanship within your budget.

Rodney Chandler has his Master Electrician License and has been a Service Manager over 10 years. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of CESG’s Service Department where he manages, recruits and trains our technical staff. He is an excellent communicator and has exceptional organizational skills.

Rodney and the CESG Service Department take pride in providing service to commercial customers, concentrating in on-demand repair service and replacement/retrofit projects. Rodney is an excellent resource in diagnosing electrical issues and recommending repair/replacement. Rodney and the CESG Service Department are ready to take on your project and show you why you will never need to look for another electrical contractor again. Request a Quote today!

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Service Manager
Plano, TX

24/7/365 Demand & Emergency Response Services

When you are experiencing electrical issues that simply cannot wait, look for our 24/7/365, on-demand emergency service and maintenance.

Onsite Support Services

Onsite service technicians at your disposal and working under your direction are invaluable in tackling modifications, monitoring changeovers, quickly addressing outages and replacing light bulbs. Occupied spaces call for skilled professionals respectful of your operations and environment. Response times and meeting maintenance schedules are non-issues when a qualified technician is onsite and at the ready.

Site Disaster Response & Recovery Services

Disasters impact operations and your bottom-line. Whether your access to power is affected by natural disasters—floods or lightning strikes—or frequent or long-term power outages due to an aging infrastructure, reputable emergency response and recovery services are equipped to provide power when you need it most at fair rates.

Preventative & Predictive Maintenance Services

Preventive and predictive maintenance minimizes the likelihood of expensive downstream replacements due to electrical surges and maximizes uptime in critical environments. Scheduled maintenance, torque and cleans, and infrared scans in addition to skillful diagnostics will minimize downtime, protect valuable office equipment and most importantly provide a safe work environment.

Site Safety Testing & Commissioning Services

Objective testing and commissioning services provide an independent evaluation of the materials and equipment installed—verifying design and tolerance requirements are met, and installations and operations meet manufacturer specifications. These services ensure site safety, protect your investments and improve energy efficiency.